Alright, let’s try this one again.

I started tried to start two blogs at once back in May of 2006 – this one, and Open Parenthesis.

I did pretty well on Open Parenthesis – not trying to do multiple posts-per-day or anything, but at least it is a real live blog.

This one’s been dead in the water – as you can see from one lone post, practically a test post at that – back in May.

But, I’m going to try again.

On Open Parenthesis, I talk about work stuff: Next Generation Internet applications, Web 2.0, Open Source, Content Management, and the like. It’s not an official Optaros publication, or anything that formal, but it is all work-related stuff.
Goatless, on the other hand, will be about music, travel, and veg’nism (an abbreviated verson of veganism and vegetarianism).

I’m still not likely to ever get to the intraday posting (how do people with jobs ever find the time to post 3-5 times a day to multiple blogs?) but I do hope to at least get over the 1 post a week on average.