Formerly Buddha’s Delight Too, My Thai Café and Bubble Tea Bistro is an all vegetarian restaurant in Broookline, on Harvard Street, outside Coolidge Corner (toward Brighton).

(404 Harvard St., Brookline MA)

I had dinner there last week as part of a Boston Vegetarian Society / Boston Vegan Meetup meeting.Since Raven introduced me to Bubble Tea in Portland, I’ve been looking for a good vegan bubble tea spot, and My Thai clearly fits the bill – too bad it’s a bit far from work (like 45 minutes on the MBTA).

I had the “Chicken” Basil, which was very good, and some (vegan) Tom Yum Gai, which was perfect. The menu’s a bit heavy on the faux meats, though you can order any without if you prefer. The atmosphere is pretty low-ambience – clean, well-lit, but very basic.

In other words, it’s a very good place to get a decent-to-very-good vegan meal, but not somewhere that will impress your non-vegan friends, at least not by its ambiance (the food might impress those not used to contemporary faux meats).

Now all I need is a way to get from Canal Street to Brookline and back in time for lunch.

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