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The folks at Bostonist have launched a regular vegan column:

In part due to the all the wonderful feedback we received from our two vegan-themed holiday posts, we’ve decided to have the vegan column be a regular feature. Every Thursday Bostonist will offer some vegan love; not limited to recipes, veg/vegan restaurant reviews, compassionate living information, and more.

I’m not so sure about the name Veggieist, though I get the connection to bostonist (and gothamist, which was the first of their city blog sites) it comes as sounding veggier-than-thou. (Who’s the veggieist of them all?)

It’ll be good though to have some recurring coverage for Boston area vegans (and vegetarians) on a site with Bostonist’s visibility.

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  1. Well, Veggiest would be the “veggier than thou” version…think of the “ist” suffix like the one in “biologist” it’s a person who does biology. Bostonist chiefly focuses on Boston, Veggieist will chiefly focus on vegan/vegetarian fare in Boston. I’m sure there’s no intention to be THE veggie in boston:)