Testing some new plugins

Upgraded the blog to 2.3.2 today, and I’m testing some new plugins – apologies in advance if this post appears in the feed more than once. (I did remember this time to disable tweet-tools, so I won’t be twitter spamming.)

Testing comments via OpenID – if you enter an OpenID url in the “url” box of the comment field it should go through without moderation, and auto-fill your info from your OpenID. (This is the OpenID plugin which is part of the DiSo project – doesn’t provide an OpenID but enables my blog to consume OpenIDs).

Also testing avatars, via a modified version of the AllAvatars plugin. (Modified to look for the “official” gravatars wordpress plugin, rather than other Gravatar plugins). This should find gravatars if they exist for your email address, or try to import a photo from your hcard if you provided  a url.

I plan  comment on this post with some different identities of mine – but others are welcome to test comment below as well. – via OpenID, or providing an email address and seeing if you get a gravatar, or with an hcard at your url.

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  1. John Eckman

    For this comment I provided my work email address – should be a different gravatar, but still me.

  2. Ok, so here I am signed in as the admin for this blog via OpenID – but I think the gravatar registered here will still take precedence.

  3. AllAvatars really should check for both plugins (hence, “all)

    I was unaware that there was an “official” one 🙂

    Wouldn’t let me comment with OpenID… AJAX thing came up and then left…

  4. Stephen – thanks for the comment. Seems that the WP-OpenID plugin has some conflict with the K2 theme when “ajax comments” are enabled.

    For now I’ve just disabled ajax-comments.

    In terms of AllAvatars what I’ve done is create a new “uber avatars” plugin, based on MBLA plugin, with Favatars and Avatar from URL added in as additional choices.

    The challenge, as I see it, is that the Avatar from URL is too “greedy” in what it accepts – I’d prefer that it only find images inside an hCard, for example.

    Right now, if I change the order to bring “Avatar from URL” up ahead of Gravatar, MyBlogLog, and Favatar options, your comment above ends up with Jim Kirk’s photo, since that image appears on http://singpolyma.net/ with a class of “photo fn.”

    I do plan to work on making the parsing of hCard more precise, and will certainly send you code if I make any progress.

    But, I’m happy now with getting Gravatar, MyBlogLog, and Favatar, in that order.

  5. Stephen Paul Weber

    My hCard import plugin is far more strict and smart about hCard precessing — Avatar from URL was written as a ‘last resort’ plugin 🙂

    Definitely interested in seeing code when you’re done though 🙂

  6. Can you share the code from the hCard import plugin?

    I know it is referred to as “semi-released” on your blog, but the link (http://singpolyma.net/hcard-import-plugin.tar.gz) is 404 for me.

  7. Ok, trying this again. Since this plugin was released I’m trying to use its hCard parsing instead.

    Still relying on MBLA plus Favatars plus this new hAvatar.

  8. If I am already logged in, does it pull my hcard from my url, or does it pull gravatar from my email address?

  9. But what happens on a url which is not an openid?

  10. John Eckman

    This time I provided no URL, just an email address. Making sure Gravatars and MyBlogLog work