Yes We Can Ringtone

OK, so the election’s over and all, but I just got a new iPhone and wanted to play with ringtones.

So I took Tana Sokolow’s remix —  which put Obama’s speech over Lee Dorsey’s early seventies performance of Allen Toussaint’s Yes We Can — and created a ringtone.


This’ll get annoying shortly, I’m sure, but for now it is fun.

Download the ringtone: yes_we_can

(.m4r is the filetype iTunes uses for ringtones)

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  1. Hey John,
    see, I told you that you were in my Google reader queue 😛 Anyway, I am curious how you were able to get the ringtone on your iPhone. I have tried a couple, and while I can get them to be recognized in iTunes, the phone says it can’t sync it because it can’t find the file. I was under the impression that the newer iTunes versions might have been preventing it as I know this had been a bit of a battle with Apple who wants everyone to DL ringtones only from them.

  2. Hmm. Not sure what the issue might be with iTunes.

    When you say you’ve tried a couple, are they all failing or only some? Did you try mine?

    What I did was to add the ringtone to my iTunes library, and then with the iPhone connected and ready to sync in iTunes I dragged it it within iTunes onto the phone’s ringtones section.

    Maybe an issue with format or length? I created the ringtone originally in GarageBand which has an “export as ringtone” – I think they have to be in AAC format.