So I’m in Cincinnati, Ohio, this week for work. (map)
I flew in Tuesday night. After the “Northern Kentucky Regional Airport” and their no cabs without first getting a taxi request slip from the desk inside the airport – which took me a few minutes to figure out, and a $25 cab ride into Cincinnati, I arrived at the Westin tired and hungry.

Too tired to go out, I pulled out the room service menu.

At first, I was excited – field greens salad and roasted vegetable pizza, hold the cheese? Yum.

Unfortunately it was all downhill from there.

Pizza, hold the cheese? The woman who took my room service order didn’t flinch, so I was hopeful – but then they called back 5 minutes later.

Room Service: The pizza comes in a box, with the cheese already on it – we just put it in the oven. You still want it?

Me: Um, no. Remember how I said I don’t eat dairy? Let me see. Oh, you have vegetable potstickers – that sounds good. I’m looking forward to a hot meal.

Room Service: Ok, that’ll be 30-45 minutes.

(They say this at the end of each conversation – not sure why it would take 45 minutes to plate a salad, but I guess that’s just part of the script).
10 minutes later, the phone rings again.

Room Service: The vegetable potstickers you ordered?

Me: Yes? (Starting to get concerned).
Room Service: We’re all out. They just told me. They’re now Turkey.

Me (Disappointed): Oh.

Room Service: Do you still want the vegetable potstickers?

Me: Not if they’re really Turkey potstickers masquerading as vegetable potstickers. I’ll just have the field greens salad with Vinagraitte, and a side of fries.

Room Service: Ok, that’ll be 30-45 minutes.

When the food arrived, it was great. I should have know I could have just stuck to the salad – it was more than enough.


Update: Dinner tonight was at Akash India, very good veggie samosas, naan, and aloo gobi. Hopefully lunch tomorrow at Manna Vegetarian Deli