Milling Gowns Flophouse Sessions

Favorite new, unexpected gem of the week: Flophouse Sessions 51: The Milling Gowns.

Milling Gowns Flophouse Session

The Flophouse Sessions is a wonderfully cool show produced by Andy Guthrie and Jen Kelley, podcasters extraordinaire and Somerville residents behind Band in Boston.

Band in Boston covers all kinds of music, not just local artists – where the Flophouse Sessions focus mostly on local bands, who perform live (and mostly acoustic) at Andy and Jen’s house.

They’ve also started to produce a podcast called Boston Bootlegs, for live performances captured in clubs and such – but there are only a few of those so far.

Milling Gowns are a relatively new band, started in the winter of 2006, and somwhat difficult to describe. Here are their influences, as listed on their myspace page:

Cocteau Twins, Nick Cave, Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, My Bloody Valentine, Magnetic Fields, Kitchens Of Distinction, Elvis, Echo & The Bunnymen, Lowlife, The Cure, Scott Walker, The Bathers, Red House Painters, David Bowie, Low, The Beatles, Jimmy Somerville, Tom Waits, Billy MacKenzie, Joy Division, Lloyd Cole, Lions & Ghosts, New Order, Morrissey, Tindersticks, Peter Murphy, Wolfgang Press, Pet Shop Boys, Robyn Hitchcock, Burt Bacharach, Iggy Pop, The Blue Nile, The Church, The Smiths, Erasure, Leonard Cohen, (clan of) Xymox, The Wild Swans, The Chameleons UK, The Gun Club, Hugo Race, The Triffids, 4ad, Factory Records.

Deep, baritone male voice, melancholy songs, more Leonard Coen meets Joy Division than Jimmy Somerville.

Can’t find much about them online at this point – one note in the Boston Phoenix from December of 2006. They have apparently put out an EP titled “Light Of The World Shine On Me” which is sold at shows – anyone know of another place to get a copy?

For now, check out the Flophouse Session and songs on myspace.

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  1. Thanks again for the nice comments! Email us if you want a copy of the EP.