Update (6/15/07): The always reliable Bradley’s Almanac has mp3s and a description of the show. He also points to (bottom of the article) other places for photos and the like.

Dinosaur Jr

The folks at Free YR Radio are sponsoring an in-store appearance by Dinosaur Jr. at the Harvard Square Urban Outfitters. Newbury Comics in Harvard Square. Monday, June 11th, 8:00pm.

To get in, you have to go here and print and bring the invitation.

Free YR Radio is “crafted by Yaris and Urban Outfitters:”

Having access to non-commercial radio is like having an older brother or sister who always knows about cool stuff before you do. College and non-commercial radio has long been a breeding ground of taste, culture, and personality. Poll any band, label honcho or commercial radio personality, and you’ll find that a huge, almost ridiculous number of ’em got their start at a college station. Recognizing that, Toyota Yaris and Urban Outfitters joined together and created a program that supports and publicizes the importance of non-commercial radio. Thus, Free Yr Radio was born.

The cynical view would see this as a marketing ploy to sell more Toyota’s, and to increase brand awareness of Urban Outfitters, which I’ve just fallen pray to by linking to them in this blog post.

Am I cynical? Yes: but I’m happy to see major corporations support non-commercial radio (in this case WERS), and I’m happy to see Dinosaur Jr!