My wife and I recently spend a week and a half in the UK and Ireland. This post is the first in a series about the vegan goodness we found on our trip – hope it helps other travellers.

Our trip started essentially in the Cotswolds (photos here), a region west of London, more or less between London and Wales.

We spent a few nights at the Lamb Inn in Burford, and driving around to the nearby towns.

While in Burford, we had two fantastic dinners – one at the Lamb Inn, and another at the Burford Lodge, just at the edge of town.

The Lamb Inn prepared a three course meal with a number of vegan options. Although both of our main courses were good (competently prepared, but not exactly inventive or outstanding), the fresh fruit and sorbet dessert was the prize of the evening.

The chef at the Burford Lodge really went all out – since my wife had spoken with them in advance (always a good idea for the vegan traveler) – and prepared a full vegan menu:

Vegan Menu Burford Lodge
(Click on the image to see the full size menu).

Just goes to show that even in the English countryside, with a little advance planning, you can eat like a (vegan) King!