We spent a night in Bath, on our way to Bristol airport to fly over to Dublin.

Bath’s a great town – we could have spent another couple of days there easily.

We had dinner at Demuth’s Vegetarian Restaurant, whose owners

. . . aim to make Demuths the best vegetarian restaurant in the south west of England. For the past 19 years we have been making a name for creating innovative and delicious World Food.

Demuths’ cuisine will delight vegetarians and vegans but has always been sought after by all lovers of good food.

The tagline is “positively vegetarian” (I wanted to buy one of the waitstaff’s shirts, though I don’t think they actually sell them – they do have aprons and cookbooks).

Check out the menu – I particularly recommend the freedom organic lager!

Unfortunately no Peter Gabriel sightings, though I understand he keeps a little studio nearby.