Zurich – Pot au vert

Last night I had dinner at Pot au vert, a vegetarian restaurant near the main train station (hauptbanhoff) in Zurich.

Pot au vert

Although the “menu card” (linked to the image) online is only available in German, as in most Swiss restaurants English menus are available and the waitstaff speak many languages (German, English, and French most often).

Pot au vert isn’t a vegan restaurant – many of the dishes were heavy on cream, butter, and eggs – but the food is quite good: well prepared and healthy. I had a curried rice and an excellent soup. You will have to ask about items on the menu as they are not labelled clearly in terms of daily and eggs, but the staff knew easily which dishes to recommend.

The restaurant is small – about a dozen tables – and is the second floor of the Hotel Limmathof, right across the river from the central train station in Zurich and easily accessible by many tram and bus lines throughout the city.

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  1. You might also want to try Tibits, they have a few locations in town:

  2. Danke schön Hugo. I love Tibits and visited several of them last time I was in Zurich – maybe I will get lunch there Friday but between Karlsrue, Geneva, and Lausanne I’m not spending much time actually in Zurich this trip.

    I also need to get to Hiltl sometime but may save that until my wife is able to join me. No offense to my Swiss colleagues, of course.