Check out this video of the Humane Society’s biggest victories in helping animals:

  1. Closing of Seal Markets (2007)
  2. Animal Fighting Prohibition Act Passed (May 2007)
  3. PETS Act Passed to Save Pets in Disasters (Oct 2006)
  4. Hundreds of Pets Rescued from California Wildfires (Oct. 2007)
  5. Largest Veal and Pig Producers Abandon Crates (2007)
  6. Arizona and Oregon Ban Gestation Crates (2006 and 2007)
  7. Largest Puppy Mill Rescue in US History (Oct. 2007)
  8. Tommy Hilfiger, Foot Locker, and Calvin Klein go Fur-Free (2007)
  9. Last Two States Outlaw Cockfighting (2007)
  10. Horse Slaughter Ended in the US (2007)

Might also be a good time to consider an end of year gift as well.