Finally got a chance to see Eels live at the Somerville Theatre back on March 31st (slideshow below).

Sorry for the quality of the pics – managed to forget my actual camera and had to fall back on the phone camera instead.

Opener was a film instead of a band – the BBC documentary Parallel Lives, Parallel Worlds. We arrived a bit late and didn’t get to see all of it, but the bit we did see was really pretty interesting. Not sure if I can get in Netflix – may need to search bittorrent for it. (Quick summary at Maximum Bob)

The film was projected on the big white sheet hanging over the front of the stage – you can see it in a few of the photos below.

Once the screen came down, Mark came out first solo, and did a few songs, and then was joined by “The Chet.” They each played multiple instruments, including harmonium and musical saw (both played exclusively by The Chet), and even at one point swapped drums and piano mid song without pause, and then switched back.

Definitely a show worth seeing. I also picked up a copy of Mark’s new book, Things the Grandchildren Should Know, which promises (on the cover): Rock Music! Death! Crazy People! Love!.

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