I’ve blogged a fair amount (too much, some might say) on the connections between global warming and animal agriculture – it’s the true inconvenient truth that many meat-eating environmentalists have no interest in hearing, and many mainstream media outlets have little interest in reporting. (Gee, I assume that has no connection with whom the major advertisers media court are, does it?)

That’s why I was so happy (as an ardent NPR supporter and member of three NPR stations – KCRW, WERS, and KEXP) to hear this story on NPR:

In honor of Earth Day this week, we offer a series of conversations about food’s footprint. Alex Chadwick talks to Dr. Gina Solomon, a senior scientist with the National Resource Defense Council, about how the food we eat contributes to greenhouse gasses.

Give it a listen, especially if you consider yourself an environmentalist, but still eat a diet heavy on animals and animal byproducts.