(via Maynard, the MARC mailing list, and originally the Jamaica Plain Gazzette)

Steve Carian from T.J. Scallywaggle’s, one of (so far as I can tell) two all-vegan pizzarias in the US (the other is Pizza Pi in Seattle) is opening another place in JP, on the site of the former Felix Pizzaria. It will be called Felicia Scallywaggle’s:

While Felicia Scallywaggle’s will have freedom to develop its own atmosphere, it will have one big difference from the Allston shop: no live music. The JP location is too small for it, Carian said.

The JP shop will likely deliver, Carian said, adding that he would like it be bicycle delivery. In another unusual business model, Carian said he would be thrilled if bike delivery riders wanted to spin off into their own separate collective—say, a mini-business that delivers citywide for various vegan restaurants.

(From the Jamaica Plain Gazzette)

Although JP’s even further from where I live and work than Allston, I hope to make a trip down there when it opens.