More than Salad

A new entry in the “global vegan restaurant directory” category came to my attention late last week: More than Salad.

More Than Salad

While I appreciate the humor in the Terms of Service:

Terms of Service

I’m not sure I’d spend a ton of time entering reviews here over my favorite VegGuide, which clearly licenses its content for others to use under a permissive license as well as open sources it’s code. (There’s also HappyCow, in addition to all the local guides available in most major cities).

However, it is great to see more movement here and more alternatives developing for traveling vegans looking for good food.

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  1. I realize this is an old post, but I just discovered it. I am the creator of More Than Salad and when I wrote the “Terms of Service” I was pretty busy programming the site so I didn’t fill it in with something more elaborate, kind of having no idea at the time of how to write something properly reassuring. It is my intention for the site to always be free and I just haven’t gotten around to doing the paperwork for becoming a true non-profit, but I am working on it and the site will continue to get bigger and better this year. I hope you stop by and give it a try and if you or anyone has any particular feedback and wants to see features please let me know. I’m very receptive to building the site in accordance with the wishes of the vegetarian and vegan community of which I am a part. My only goal is to make the best possible resource that is the most useful for all of us. Thanks for the feedback,


  2. Hey Dan – thanks for the update.

    I appreciate your goals, I just feel like we keep creating more and more directories (see VegGuide.or and for example, in addition to all the regional/city specific ones) but with the exception of VegGuide none of them are explicitly sharing data.

    I’d love to see More Than Salad clearly license it’s content under a creative commons or similar license, letting folks who contribute know that their contributions will be usable by folks in many contexts, not just one this one site.