Online Insecurity

Ann Handley is what we north-of-Boston folks call wicked smart. Further evidence of that is found in her recent blog post: “I Suspect Everyone Else Is Smarter, Better-Looking, Taller, Cooler, Cuter, Has Newer and Shinier Objects than I Do (and Is More Modest).”

Her point is that this “comparing myself to others” schtick is not new to the internet age, and getting out of it requires the same solution it always has – recognizing that you will never win by comparing yourself to others. Here’s the relevant excerpt:

Those of you who don’t spend vast buckets of time online might be thinking that this is a peculiar phenomenon of people who do. But comparing yourself with others is no more a consequence of the Digital Age than is email to blame for unsolicited junk mail or the Internet is the cause of porn. It’s human nature.

There are always those who are smarter, better-looking, taller, better networked, cooler, more enlightened, and have better backhands, tighter asses, cuter kids, and newer and shinier objects than you do.

Next time I’m kicking myself for being a z-list blogger (is there a zz-list which is farther from a-list than z?), I will remember Ann’s wisdom. You should too.

Unfortunately the YouTube video she points to is gone – anyone have an alternate? (Update: Ann provided this updated link to the video in the comments)

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  1. You’ll always be at least C list to me, brother. 😀

    Keep it up.

  2. Hey Jeckman,

    Thanks for this — and glad you liked the post.

    Here’s the video on Taylor Mali’s site: