Testing cross-posting with 3.0

(Very last test – I mean it this time. Trying while logged out of FB. Sorry to those of you getting this in email or visiting your RSS feed. Just one or two more tests to do here of posting to Fan pages for WPbook).

Upgrade are failed

Upgrade are failed - photo by Collin Anderson, cc-by-2.0 license

As some of you may know, I developed and maintain a WordPress plugin called WPBook.

I’m trying a clean install of that plugin on a blog upgraded to WordPress 3.0 (which came out Friday) to make sure it works.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Good Luck! How did we do?

  2. Worked fine – though my theme here at Goatless.org is funky.

    Posting worked well, and I’m not seeing any errors from the plugin.