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New (to me) podcast (rathole radio) and music (8in8)

I’ve long been a subscriber to Floss Weekly, a video/audio podcast in the TWiT network focused on Free/Libre/Open Source Software. One of the occasional co-hosts of that show,…

Testing cross-posting with 3.0

As some of you may know, I developed and maintain a WordPress plugin called WPBook.

I’m trying a clean install of that plugin on a blog upgraded to WordPress 3.0 (which came out Friday) to make sure it works.

Second Pass at Avatar Plugin (MBLA plus)

A little while ago Alper ÇuÄŸun released an hAvatar plugin, which parses the url left by a comment author, and if it finds an hCard there, looks for…

Looking for a new WordPress Plug-in

Anyone know of a decent WordPress plugin for blogging about new music purchases? What I’m looking for is basically something to pull in the CD image and perhaps…