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I’ve long been a subscriber to Floss Weekly, a video/audio podcast in the TWiT network focused on Free/Libre/Open Source Software. One of the occasional co-hosts of that show, Dan Lynch, also does an audio podcast (weekly) called Rathole Radio. I’ve just started listening but so far I’m loving it: he mixes genres (french instrumental hip-hop, dance, heavy metal / hardcore), and mixes in live performance.

The most recent episode, Rathole Radio 62, included all (assuming that includes the live performance) creative-commons licensed music from Jamendo. (There’s also a Rathole Radio Sampler EP you can download on which all tracks are creative commons licensed).

Two quick links to share from that episode. The first is an EP by “8in8,” a supergroup including Ben Folds, Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaiman, and Damian Kulash. Dan played the track “Because the Origami” on the podcast, but the whole EP is embedded below and downloadable for just $1 USD.

The second is from Bad Panda Records, a creative commons record label.

Back in September when they announced their 100th release, they also put out a downloadable 1.1GB archive of all 100 releases. Be sure to also check out the Big Panda Store for merch.