Via Muzzle of Bees comes Wisco: A Tribute to Wilco’s Summerteeth album by Wisconsin based artists.

You can download individual tracks or the whole thing, and if you enjoy it, make a donation:

This is our gift to you, please enjoy it and share it with your friends. We would love for you to show your support of this project with a donation in any amount to the Wisconsin Humane Society. There’s tons of animals that could use our help. Thanks and enjoy the music.


  1. Can’t Stand It – Invade Rome
  2. She’s a Jar – Jeremiah Nelson and the Arrogant Derelicts
  3. A Shot in the Arm – The Selfish Gene
  4. We’re Just Friends – Decibully
  5. I’m Always in Love – The Celebrated Workingman with Caity Guzkowski
  6. Nothing’severgonnastandinmyway – Conrad Plymouth
  7. Pieholden Suite – Pezzettino
  8. How to Fight Loneliness – Time Since Western
  9. Via Chicago – Juniper Tar
  10. ELT – Blueheels
  11. My Darling – The Championship
  12. When You Wake up Feeling Old – Flight
  13. Summerteeth – Surgeons In Heat
  14. In a Future Age – The Daredevil Christopher Wright
  15. Candyfloss – Chris DeMay with Edward Burch
  16. (Bonus Track): “Summerteeth” (Alt Version) – Pezzettino + Allen Cote