Chucklehead Farewell Show, Mama Kins, November 1997

Fantastic video, with remastered audio, of the Chucklehead Farewell show at Mama Kin, in November 1997 (above).

Video cuts out in the middle for ~30 minutes but it’s well worth watching all the way through.
(New version posted which doesn’t cut out).

If you just want audio, check out the Board Tapes list on – man, there is a ton of good music there for download. (The show video is from this show).

Also check out the 2013 reunion tour, with dates coming up this weekend at The Middle East Downstairs and in Wellfleet.

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  1. “We have a new record called Belly Up – it’s available at Tower Records on Newbury”

  2. Thanks for the support John.