a man standing in front of a crowd

This was the only actual panel / conference session I went to this year. (I went on vacation to see music, not as a business trip to go to the conference).

Having been able to see U2 at the Sphere in Vegas back in October I was very interested in this session, and it was well worth the wait in an overly-air-conditioned Ireland House at Marlow.

Ric, Stefaan, and Niall described the whole creative process from conception through to delivery and actual production of the show, which had just wrapped its run. Amazing to see early sketches and concepts, and just how late in the process they were able to get into the real venue and test things.

I had no idea they moved the stage (the Brian Eno turntable) every day to accommodate the Darren Aronofsky Postcards from Earth movie – or just how many places in the sphere there are to potentially break through the screen (as they do at one point in the show).

a group of people posing for the camera
Schematic on the screen behind the panelists shows all the places you can break through the Sphere’s visible screen