A few highlights of music I saw on Monday at SXSW in Austin. I tried to find the balance between spending too much time getting video on the phone versus just being there in the moment, but did catch a few videos.

Grace Sorensen at Cuatro Gato

Grace Sorensen is an Austin local, doing her first set at Cuatro Gato downtown – stripped down, mostly acoustic with just a guitarist accompanying her. She did many more sets across the week with a full band. She also brought up a saxophonist toward the end of her set but I didn’t get any good video of that.

Across the street, Eleni Drake was playing her first US set at Coopers BBQ:

Eleni Drake at Cooper’s BBQ
Eleni Drake at Cooper’s BBQ

Eleni Drake was born in South Africa to Greek parents, raised in the UK, and records covers via YouTube videos in London.