There just has got to be a better way to get access to content from good UK-based music magazines!

Subscriptions to the “rest of the world” are incredibly expensive:

Rest of the World is Expensive

For Mojo and Q, that’s roughly $300 USD / yr, or $25/month. (In the UK, the same subscriptions would be about $150 USD, or $12.50/month.

Why can’t I get access to a downloaded PDF, or just access to the same content online? The distance between the UK and the US should not make accessing the content twice as expensive, in 2007.

The best part of Mojo and Q, of course, is the attached CDs – but those could also be made available for online download. Sometimes they show up on Ebay – or of course one could pirate them on P2P filesharing sites, but I’d prefer a legal way to get access to the content.

I guess the magic of the Interweb hasn’t made it to the UK music magazine industry.