Veggie Guide to Portland (Yahoo Pipe)

Next week I will be in Portland, OR for OSCON 2007. I know there’s a lot of great vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants and stores there, but I don’t have a sense of where they are, and couldn’t find a good map-based guide. makes a listing of restaurants and stores in the Portland area available as an RSS feed under a Creative Commons by-nc-sa license.

So, I put together a Yahoo! Pipe that takes the RSS feed from VegGuide and puts all the places on a map:

Veggie Guide to Portland

Portland Veggie Guide

(It can take a while to pull all the data before drawing the map, so be patient.)

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  1. Because the Yahoo! Pipe can also output KML, you can see the map as a google map:

    Or you can grab the KML file and import into Google Earth.

  2. Updated – I added the ability to specify category and optional level of vegan-friendliness – also created clones for Boston, Austin, Toronto.

    Just go to and search on Vegan.