Via Rathole Radio Episode 103 and Jamendo I was delighted to find this new EP, Homeless, by South African musician (and vegan) who records as Quietly Concerned. He reminds me a bit of José González (in a good way).

His own artist statement says it better than I could:

Quietly Concerned is a solo folk musician who cares about other folks, no matter how many legs they have… 50% of the net profit goes to charities spread over causes related to animals and children.

The music is release under a Creative Commons license; which means that you can share it with your friends as much as you want, and only have to pay for it if you want to.

Quietly Concerned plays a blend of intricate guitar with gentle vocals and hints of harmonica. Conceptually, the lyrics of Quietly Concerned focus on issues pertaining to social awareness, animal rights, the human condition, and of course… Love.

Check it out below via SoundCloud, and if you like it head over to CDBaby to buy (50% of the net profit donated to charities supporting animals and children).

Love it – Creative Commons licensing, open source music production, and vegan to boot.