I started day three at the Marshall Funhouse, at Parish.

Glasgow’s Spyres was not a band I knew before but their set was great, high energy and had the crowd engaged:

Spyres – “Otherside”

Following Spyres was Bristol’s Skinny Lister who matched their energy and even raised it a bit, without their usual drummer.

a group of people on a stage in front of a crowd

Though I’m sure they tire of the comparison I couldn’t help but think of the energy of a Pogues show

Lifting the full double-bass for dramatic effect

Next up was Sparta, just over from El Paso. They’ve been touring in support of the 20th anniversary (in 2022) of their album Wiretap Scars.

Jim Ward shared stories of touring with Frank Turner and Million Dead some twenty years ago – while Frank Turner himself watched from just offstage

Turner himself delivered a solid set and seemed to be genuinely enjoying himself

Frank Turner, “I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous”
Frank Turner, “The Way I Tend to Be”

After dinner, I headed over to Antone’s for part of the C3 Management showcase, where the line was pretty long – was only able to catch the very end of Nico Vega‘s set, which made me think I’d missed one of the best gigs as the audience was going crazy

a man standing in front of a stage

Their closing song was “Beast” which I then had stuck in my head for the next few days. Apparently it originally came out in 2009 and was re-released in 2013 (and was featured in a video game – BioShock Infinite) but I didn’t know it.

My video didn’t really capture the energy – here’s the full video below – imagine this as a raging anthem in a club with everyone screaming along.

Definitely going to be looking for more music from them – though discogs shows nothing on vinyl yet.

I rounded out the night at Mohawk Outdoors, one of my favorite Austin venues, catching the end of the Thus Love set

Thus Love at Mohawk Outdoor

Thus Love are a Vermont-based trio of self-identifying trans artists

Thus Love were followed by local Austin band Voxtrot

At that point (2am) I lime scootered myself off to bed