Thursday I started off at the Planetary showcase at Valhalla, with Otto Aday (from Wales):

Otto Aday at Valhalla

Otto Aday at Valhalla

They were followed by Manchester’s Porij who brought an amazing amount of energy to an early afternoon show in a small dark venue

Porij – “Automatic”
Porij – “You Should Know Me”

Then I headed back over to Mohwak for Floodfest 2024 and switched between indoor and outdoor, starting with the Isle of Wight’s own Coach Party

Coach Party at the Mohawk Indoors, SXSW 2024
Coach Party

Back outside for one of the 15 (!) sets by Hinds at this year’s SXSW – I was glad I was able to make at least one of them but hoped to see more.

After dinner, back to the Mohawk for what was now the Easy Eye Sound showcase, which I joined starting with Early James

Early James, Mohawk Outdoor, SXSW 2024

After blowing through his set faster than expected, James asked whether we wanted to hear and slow one and instead went even faster

Early James, Mohawk Outdoor, SXSW 2024

Then back indoors for McKinley James:

McKinley James, Mohawk Indoors, SXSW 2024
McKinley James, Mohawk Indoors, SXSW 2024

And back outdoors for Gabe Carter (with Kinney Kimbrough on drums)

And Jimmy Duck Holmes

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