On this record the Housemartins were Norman Cook, Dave Hemingway, Stan Cullimore, Pete Wingfield, and P.D. (Paul) Heaton. Heaton & Hemingway went on to form The Beautiful South, while Norman Cook went on to form Beats International (and also was Fatboy Slim).

The Housemartins were Christian Socialists from Hull (in the UK, not Massachusetts), which sounded rather exotic to me as a Minneapolis teenager in the 80s. Their first album, London 0, Hull 4, included the words “Take Jesus, Take Marx, Take Hope” on the back cover. This was their second of only two full length albums, though there have been several “Best of” releases as well, though I don’t think Now That’s What I Call Quite Good has ever been released in the US. Likely due for a reissue!

In the UK this came out on Go Discs (AGOLP 9) – my copy is a US promotional issue on Elektra with a bonus 7″ of Caravan of Love, via a record fair at Mill No. 5 in Lowell MA