What a fantastic album – from the opening note to the closing. I came to Pink Floyd later – not discovering their albums in the sequence they came out, but starting with The Wall and then branching out, eventually getting back to the Syd Barrett days. This record was their 10th studio LP and came out in 1977, in between Wish You Were Here (1975) and The Wall (1979) – during a time of immense popularity for Pink Floyd. It was recorded in their own newly finished studio in Islington (Brittania Row).

It’s loosely based on Orwell’s Animal Farm, with its dogs pigs and sheep. The cover photo is Battersea Power Station (which is now a mall) with a flying pig. Apparently they actually created a giant helium balloon pig and flew it over the station – at one point it broke loose and disrupted flights out of Heathrow.

My copy is a later repressing based on having a barcode on the rear jacket, which wasn’t the case with the 1977 issue – but with the same labels as the original pressing. Via Beverly Coin & Jewelry.