Site Specific Browsers, or SSBs, are  a relatively new concept in which you basically create an application which is designed just to browse to a particular website. It gets its own icon, memory space, set of cookies, and the like, so you can treat it just like an application.

The best SSB creator, at the moment, is Fluid for Mac OS X – though Mozilla Prism is coming along nicely as well.

Here’s my latest two SSBs: Instant Rimshot and Sad Trombone

Instant Rimshot, Sad Trombone

Instant Rimshot, Sad Trombone

Now, whenever I like I can alternate between the joyous humour of an instant rimshot or the whah whah whah of the sad trombone. I find it useful to have these open while on conference calls. Just remember to keep the phone on mute.

Thanks to Alex Payne for putting the two urls together in a tweet.