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Saved By the bell hooks

(via BoingBoing) Saved by the bell hooks is a brilliant tumblr combining the bell hooks and Saved by the Bell.

History of Man in 3:30

Veganism and Attention Science: Seeing the Gorilla


Nuf Said?

in a symbolic move today, House members from both parties read the Constitution aloud on the House floor (NPR) Otto West: Apes don’t read philosophy. Wanda: Yes they…


The Great Income Shift

(via Economist’s View) Some very interesting data from the Congressional Budget Office and analysis by Chuck Marr the Center on Budget Policy and Priorities describing the shift in…

Still from Banksy-directed intro for Simpsons

Simpsons Intro by Banksy

(via BoingBoing) Banksy directed intro to the Simpsons. The good stuff comes in about 0:36 in, so don’t miss it. Wonder what 20th Century Fox thought of that…

The new 21-day kickstart program from PMRC

New Web Resources

Just a quick pointer to two new recently updated web resources useful for vegans and people who’d like to be vegan. The first is brought to you by…


Carnism as an ideology

Loved this, from a discussion on Making Hay of Dr. Melanie Joy’s new book Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows: What we eat – what…

Molly (Photo from NY Times - click through for original)

Save that One, Screw the Rest?

It never ceases to amaze me how, when one cow (or goat, or pig, or chicken, or turkey) escapes from the slaughterhouse, the public at large want to…

Antibiotics usage in Factory Farming

Interesting that this appeared in the Huffington Post just before the H1N1 stories starting popping up: Enemies of the People, by Carl Pope. In it, he describes the…

Swine Flu and Factory Farming

As H1N1, aka the flu formerly known as swine flu, aka “The Other White Death,” continues to dominate the public media, it’s important to recognize the contribution factory…


The First Dog

This is all I’m going to say about Bo Obama, the first family’s new non-rescue, non-shelter dog: see more dog and puppy pictures (And yes, I have purebred…

Does One-Click Activism Work?

Via Erik Marcus I came to an excellent blog post by Mark Hawthorne, who takes on a question I’ve often wondered about: Is One-Click Activism Effective? You’ve almost…

Bittman (sort of) gets it

Mark Bittman’s a columnist for the NY times, and is getting lots of attention recently for his new book Food Matters. He’s essentially urging a plant-based diet, though…

Making Hay: Advocating for Farm Animals with Farm Sanctuary

New Blog from Farm Sanctuary: Making Hay

New blog from the folks at Farm Sanctuary, focused on activism: Check it out and subscribe to their feed for ongoing updates!


Doesn’t anyone at Fox News know how to use the Urban Dictionary?

Obama Family Dog petition

I don’t normally push online petitions, the theory being that the ease with which a petition is generated, circulated, and signed is inversely proportional to the influence it…