Peter Garrett, Rob Hirst, Jim Moginie, and Martin Rotsey are the core of Midnight Oil, the politically earnest band from down under. This was their sixth full length (the band started all the way back in the 70s and released their self-titled debut in 1978), but it was their breakout album in the US, with “Beds Are Burning.” It was release globally by CBS, labelled as Columbia in the US. (In other parts of the world, other people held the trademark to the name Columbia: EMI, Nippon Columbia Co Ltd).

Garrett would go on to serve as President of the Australian Conservation Foundation as well as a board member of Greenpeace and then multiple role in Australian government (between 2004 and 2013).

That little outlined hand logo (bottom left of the rear cover, on the labels) represents Sprint Music Pty Ltd, a label/publisher set up for Midnight Oil’s catalogue.

My copy via Beverly Coin & Jewelry in Beverly MA