Released on Decca in the UK and London Records in the US, this was Mayall’s first LP after the breakup of the Bluesbreakers and his last on Decca before moving to Polydor. Mayall wasn’t yet living in the US when this was released – this was recorded at the Decca Studios in West Hampstead, London.

Personnel here include Mick Taylor (before leaving to join the Rolling Stones) on guitar, Colin Allen on drums, and Stephen Thompson on bass.

Sad to read in the liner notes Mayall saying: “I doubt if there could be a better choice than guitarist Mick Taylor who really shows his brilliance on this new album. He has worked with me longer than any other guitarist I’ve had and I hope that we’ll continue as a team for some time to come” – given Taylor would leave to join the Stones in the following year. Peter Green of the original Fleetwood Mac also guests on the title track.

Mayall’s predictions about his choice of places to live would prove more permanent: “This album is the story my 3 weeks vacation in Los Angeles after the abolition of John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers. I’m very satisfied that the others have been able to interpret in music so accurately all the experiences and feelings I had during this brief visit to my new found ‘home’.”

My copy via Vinyl Destination in Lowell MA