This was the album Columbia famously released without Dylan’s authorization after he signed with Asylum Records. (He would release Planet Waves and Before the Flood on Asylum before returning to Columbia, who later reissued both).

In short these are outtakes from the Self Portrait and New Morning sessions widely considered part of Dylan’s inconsistent early 70s period – a half dozen cover songs and three traditionals that didn’t make the cut on what were also considered weaker albums.

I know I’m something of a sucker for cover albums but I love hearing an early 70s Dylan take on “Big Yellow Taxi,” “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” and “Mr. Bojangles” – a before its time version of what would later become the classic rock singer takes on American Songbook Standards release. I’m glad Columbia got these out then, and we didn’t have to wait for them to be extras on some box set.

My copy via Beverly Coin & Jewelry