The debut album from Minneapolis band The Suburbs. Twin/Tone’s catalog (in 1984) described it thusly:

Inspired, frenetic, sometimes absurb, the Suburbs’ debut LP is a rocker. Considerably more raw and flippant than their latter efforts. In Combo documents phase one. New York Rocker said that the Suburbs “alternate btween clenched teeth acid boogie and cartoon pop”

Twin/Tone records catalog (1984)

Includes standouts like “Cows” (I like cows / They’ve got skinny feet), “Chemistry Set” (I’m into chemistry and that’s about it), and “Hobnobbing with the Executives.” In a tense four way tie with The Replacements, Prince, and Bob Dylan for best music to come out of Minnesota in the 20th century.

Not my original copy, but an 80s pressing via a record fair at Mill No 5 in Lowell MA