Is this post going to get me flagged on various social platforms? The cover image is four Greek Kouroi, status of nude male youths. That led to the cover being changed in the US to airbrush out the bits you’d expect. (The Canadian covers followed the European releases).

Tin Machine was a band fronted by David Bowie, but one where he was trying to take a step back from his solo career and to some extent disappear into a band. Needless to say that didn’t last long and this was their second and final album.

I’m a fan of both their records (and was at the time) especially coming after Bowie’s Never Let Me Down era – more of a return to guitar driven rock and (I thought) more interesting textures.

My copy is a newer (2020) repress / reissue by Music on Vinyl, itself a collaboration between Record Industry (pressing facilities) and Bertus (distributor) – each based in the Netherlands and distributing throughout Europe. MOV pressings have a well deserved reputation: quality reissues of licensed material.

My copy via Electric Fetus in Minneapolis MN