Wonderful soundtrack featuring Jeff Tweedy collaborating with Glenn Kotche, around the time of supergroup Loose Fur just before Kotche become Wilco’s drummer. There’s also two great covers: Jimmy Scott doing a somewhat unhinged but wonderful version of John Lennon’s “Jealous Guy” and Robert Sean Leonard doing Wilco’s “Promising” (a bonus track that was in the movie but not on the original release of the soundtrack).

It’s also the only record in my collection to have contributions by actor Steve Zahn, who joins Leonard on The Lonely I. (Zahn also later contributed to the soundtrack to Treme but I don’t have that).

Great mastering for vinyl and pressing – not a gatefold but a good 2xLP package with liner notes from Tweedy, Kotche, Hawke (who directed the film), and Pawelski (who produced this reissue) and a bunch of photos from the film (and set).

My copy is the 2022 reissue by Omnivore Recordings. Reissue in the sense of being the first time it was issued on vinyl.