Technically the first version of this 2xLP set came out in 1979, but my pressing is from 1980. Twin/Tone was concerned about the Yipes’ track “The Ballad Of Roy Orbison” for legal reasons (copyright clearance) and replaced it with “Specialization” by the New Psychenauts.

“SPECIALIZATION” (side four, track two) was recorded at Blackberry Way in December and replaces a song by YIPES that appeared on the first pressing of BIG HITS. “THE BALLAD OF ROY ORBISON” was removed to prevent BIG HITS from rocketing to the top of the charts at MILLENIUM’s expense”

Twin/Tone was “continuing” here a series of “Big Hits of Mid-America” releases that had been put out by Soma records in the 60s. They put out volume IV in 1986 and a “More Hits from Mid-America” promotional CD in 1992.

Includes songs by The Suburbs, The Commandos, NNB, The Swingers, Curtis A. & The Originals, Buzz Barker & The Atomic Bums, Robert Ivers & Ice Stars, The Hypstrz, The Jets, The Wad, The Pistons, Fingerprints, The Swan Lake Six, and The New Psychenauts.

The Suburbs had a 7″, nine song EP out on Twin/Tone but had yet to put out their first LP when this compilation came out. Great time capsule of the late-seventies/early-eighties Minneapolis scene as Twin/Tone understood it.

My copy via Killed By Scott at a record fair at Mill No 5 in Lowell MA