Sunny War, for me, came out of nowhere – I was not familiar with her earlier work though she’s put out 6 previous full length albums (one with Micah Nelson aka Particle Kid), but I will definitely be looking to pick up those older albums now that i’ve heard this one.

Her bandcamp says:

Sunny War is more than just an artist; she is a force of nature that is tough to pin down. What exactly is her style? Blues or punk? Yes, she may be a Robert Johnson with a shot of Bad Brains, but even this description falls short. The only way to really know Sunny is to immerse oneself in the music. Easy enough, right?

The “Robert Johnson with a shot of Bad Brains” matches with a kind of acoustic folk punk ethos. She’s joined on this record by many great musicians, some called out on the hype sticker: Dennis Crouch, Allison Russell, Dave Rawlings, John Hames Tourville, Jo Schornikow and many others.

My copy is a signed edition on “hand poured red, which, and black” vinyl via New West’s online store. Beautiful pressing and great album