An album so great they named it three times. 😉

Originally released with the album title “David Bowie” by Philips in the UK, but by Mercury in the US/Canada with the subtitle “Man of Words / Man of Music” added, in 1969; reissued in 1972 as “Space Oddity” to capitalize on the popularity of the (now) title track.

My copy is a later RCA/Victor reissue, with the Space Oddity title, but based on the labels sometime 1978-1980.

I came to Bowie late – via his 80s output – but then made my way back into his catalogue in college. This is a masterpiece of an album, connecting the later Bowie back to the tradition of Dylan and the latter end of the folk revival scene but also presaging some of the breadth to come.

Found this copy at a record fair at Mill No. 5 in Lowell, MA