I came to this album indirectly and backwards – from the Bauhaus cover (“Ziggy played guitar, jamming good with Weird and Gilley, and the Spiders from Mars”). But what a magnificent album it is. I think Bowie was at his greatest creative height in the early 70s (as much as I do love his later work too). “To be played at maximum volume” indeed.

Mick Ronson (guitar, piano, vocals), Mick Woodmansey (drums), and Trevor Bolder (bass) are the Spiders backing Bowie, credited as producer/arranger and with guitar, saxophone, and vocals.

My copy is a slightly later repress (~1976, based on the labels) via Beverly Coin & Jewelry is missing the inner sleeve and fan club insert, and has a cover on which a prior owner (Jamie) wrote his/her name in sharpie – but the vinyl is in great shape so I’ll take it.