Recorded in August of 1965 at RCA Victor studios in NYC, and released (posthumously) in 1971. Jimmy Garrison (bass), Elvin Jones (drums), and McCoy Tyner (piano) with Coltrane. All song s written by Coltrane. Produced (“Prepared for release”) by Alice Coltrane and Ed Michel. Engineered by Bob Simpson (not Rudy Gelder like the other quartet recordings).

My copy is the 2022 Vinyl Me Please reissue with listening notes by Mark Richardson, lacquers cut by Ryan Smith and pressing at RTI. (Because of a series of acquisitions, Impulse! is now part of Verve under the UMG umbrella, thus the Verve logo on the bottom left of rear jacket).

Fantastic Coltrane quartet at the height of their powers – fits nicely between Ascension and Meditations recorded around the same time.