First solo album by the long-time guitarist for R.E.M., released in 2012 on Mississippi Change records.

My copy is from the second pressing, which means it omits the song L.V.M.F. on side two, though it is still printed on the label (and crossed out on the rear cover). He sampled from Sonny Boy Williams’ profane intro to Little Village and didn’t have the rights to the sample beyond the initial pressing of 2,000 records.

You can hear that track at 25:20 in the embedded you tube below (language warning):

Peter Buck Solo Album

Buck is joined by Scott McCaughey, William Riefin, and Annalisa Tornfelt on most tracks, with guest Lenny Kaye on four tracks and Mike Mills (also of R.E.M. of course) on five, plus Jenny Conlee from The Decemberists and Corin Tucker.

Mississippi Records is a Portland OR label run by Eric Isaacson, owner of the record store of the same name. (Reac a great interview with him in The Archivist from 2013, around the time this came out).

Maybe I’m too much an R.E.M. fanboy to evaluate this one (Pitchfork called it “likely a fans-only effort”) but I like it – unpredictable, loose, garage rock.

My copy via Cheapo Records in Minneapolis, MN